Resilience and its Importance During Breast Cancer


Forget Hygge, get ready for Sisu: Are you tough enough for the latest Nordic trend?

workplace seminars
Workplace resilience… Cork Explorer Pat Falvey leads workplace resilience seminars

The Snowflake generation has been singled out and ridiculed for their lack of coping skills, but couldn’t we all benefit from learning to be more resilient? Here, Katie Byrne explores the Finnish concept of sisu – the mystical power to push through hardship until you reach success – that may be key to mental wellbeing…


Resilience and its Importance During Breast Cancer

From a very young age, my mother used to call me a rubber band. She said no matter how far I was stretched, I always seemed to bounce back. At the time, I didn’t understand she was giving me a practical example of what it means to be resilient. But I’ve never forgotten her statement to me.

I don’t know if resilience is a character trait one receives at birth or whether it’s a learned response from life experiences during periods of adversity. Whatever the case, I’ve learned that resilience is an important coping skill, especially for those with breast cancer.

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to remain calm in the midst of tragic circumstances and others become completely unglued? Resilient people are those who are aware of their circumstances but choose not to be overcome by them. They choose to rise above. These people have an inner resolve that helps them not only face their problems, but also think of inventive ways to tackle them. More often than not, they choose to meet…


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