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The Next Big Volcano Could Briefly Cool Earth. NASA Wants to Be Ready.

Giant Volcano In Mexico Is Erupting and Authorities Are Warning People to Stay Away

he Mexican government has warned that a major eruption could be imminent at a large volcano called Popocatépetl, located near Mexico City. The volcano began erupting on Tuesday and currently its activity has been limited, but Mexico’s center for disaster prevention acknowledged a more serious eruption could begin at any moment.

According to a statement released by the disaster center, which is responsible for monitoring volcanic eruptions, on January 31, the volcano produced at least three explosions and pumped out 160 emissions of ash, gas and steam. The agency asked people to stay at least 7.5 miles away from the volcano and particularly its crater. It also mentioned that if heavy rains begin, the…


The Next Big Volcano Could Briefly Cool Earth. NASA Wants to Be Ready.


A quarter-century ago, Pinatubo, a volcano in the Philippines, blew its top in a big way: It spewed a cubic mile of rock and ash and 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere. The gas spread around the world and combined with water vapor to make aerosols, tiny droplets that reflected some sunlight away from the Earth. As a result, average global temperatures dropped by about one degree Fahrenheit for several years.

Powerful volcanic eruptions like Pinatubo’s in 1991 are one of the biggest natural influences on climate. So NASA researchers and other scientists are planning a rapid-response program to study the next big one.

But the climate impact of a Pinatubo-size eruption is also a natural analog of an idea that has existed on the fringes of science for years: geoengineering, or intervening in the atmosphere to deliberately cool the planet…


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