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Small businesses need disaster plans for bad behavior

Cyclone Ockhi: Naval ships searched over 4.5 lakh square miles, biggest disaster relief ops after 2004 tsunami

Kochi: The Indian Navy’s rescue mission in the aftermath of Cyclone Ockhi was the biggest humanitarian and disaster relief operation undertaken by it after the 2004 tsunami in terms of duration and geographical coverage, with 4.5 lakh square miles sanitised during the nearly 20-day operation.

The navy, which reviewed ‘Operation Sahayam,’ stressed the need to put a mechanism in place to account for fishermen venturing into the sea, carriage of adequate safety gear and positioning systems, and prompt relay of weather warnings to avoid casualties in such situations…


Small businesses need disaster plans for bad behavior

Recent revelations in the marketplace demonstrated disaster plans go beyond natural disasters such as the hurricanes in Texas or the fires in California. Disaster plans today for any small to mid-size business business ) now must include sexual misconduct, dishonesty, substance abuse and violence.Adam Yore, a finance professor at the University of Missouri, examined 325 instances of bad behaviors by executives in larger firms. If managers made these mistakes, there was an average loss of $110 million. For bad behaviors by executive, that loss rose to an average of $226 million. What this research also revealed is violence, though not as common, was the most damaging bad behavior.

Currently, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there has not been a substantial increase in sexual harassment complaints. In 1992, the EEOC received 5,607 complaints and for the most recent year, 2015, received 6,870 complaints…


How Sonic Drive-In Prepared for Natural Disasters — and Then Thrived Despite 2017’s Hurricanes


Sonic’s sales prove that out: Despite the natural disasters, its per-share net income increased for the entire fiscal year from $1.29 in 2016 to $1.45 in 2017.

Sonic’s signature drive-in model seemed to be a liability in 2017, when Hurricane Harvey damaged or closed many of its 950-plus restaurants in Texas and pushed same-store sales down 3.3 percent in the final fiscal quarter. But the company was more than prepared to handle the challenge. “One of the beautiful things about our system is that we have a disaster-­relief fund that our franchises contribute to,” says senior VP of franchise relations Eddie Saroch. “So the recovery effort is faster and better than most. The fact that we work together as a team to get stores back up and running means that the business regains momentum fast..

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