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Oregon is unprepared to deal with major earthquake, tsunami, says audit

Oregon is unprepared to deal with major earthquake, tsunami, says audit

Oregon is nowhere near ready to deal with a catastrophic earthquake or tsunami like the predicted Big One, according to an audit released Thursday.

The state’s command center for disasters is not even retrofitted to withstand a strong earthquake, the audit said.

Despite years of requests, the Oregon Legislature has not granted requests for funding more full-time emergency preparedness workers, leaving the state with far fewer than other coastal states. Without those people, the Office of Emergency Management runs the risk of losing important federal dollars and is behind on emergency planning efforts…


Hassell and MVRDV devise “suite of adaptable structures” to combat Bay Area flooding


Hassell and MVRDV’s resiliency scheme connects the neighbourhoods in the bay to the shoreline via new streets and creeks

Architecture firms Hassell and MVRDV have imagined a scheme featuring floating stadiums, emergency castles and pop-up restaurants, which aims to build resiliency to flooding in South San Francisco and foster the local community.

Australian firm Hassell and Dutch firm MVRDV teamed up for Resilient by Design’s Bay Area Challenge ideas contest, which calls for ways to help protect San Francisco and the surrounding region from the effects of climate change and natural disasters.

The duo’s team – named Hassell+ – are among the competition’s 10 shortlisted groups of architects and engineers that are currently researching and designing schemes…

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