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‘The Cookie Cure’ embodies importance of human resilience

Leading the way in workforce wellbeing

A local Further Education college is leading the way in employee wellbeing by hosting a conference dedicated to building resilience in the workplace. Entitled ‘Resilience and You’ the conference took place at the Colleges SPACE campus in Bangor on Thursday 25 January. South Eastern Regional College (SERC), in partnership with Aware and the Royal College of Psychiatrists hosted the event to raise awareness of the importance of positive work environments and good mental health…


Susansnaps owners’ ‘The Cookie Cure’ embodies importance of human resilience

It started as a way to memorialize a family member, but it has become a business that has helped another member of that family gain the strength, determination and will to fight the same disease that took her relative’s life. The Sandy Springs mother-daughter team of Laura and Susan Stachler has written a book, “The Cookie Cure,” which, they said, is about people learning to continue to fight the adversities of life and carry on when things get tough…


Disability groups seeks better disaster planning


Disability groups seeks better disaster planning

The head of the Pacific Disability Forum in Fiji says recent natural disasters in the region have highlighted the need for aid agencies to realise how vulnerable people with disabilities can be during emergencies. Setareki Macanawai says stories of how some disabled people have struggled during cylones, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis were shared at a recent regional conference in Fiji and he hopes more inclusive plans will help in future disasters…

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