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Myanmar to plant protective mangrove forest along southern coast against natural disasters

Myanmar to plant protective mangrove forest along southern coast against natural disasters

Myanmar is planning to plant a mangrove forest along the Gulf of Mottma in the southern coast of the country, aimed at protecting people from natural disasters, the official Global New Light of Myanmar reported Sunday. A field survey is being conducted by the Yangon Region Fishery Department on growing more than 27,700 acres (11,218 hectares) of mangroves in five coastal township areas of Thanlyin, Kyauktan, Kayan, Thonegwa and Kunchangone.

The department will choose the coverage area for the protected forest under the management of the regional government which will pay compensation and provide land substitutes to local farmers, U Tun Win Myint, head of the department was quoted as saying.Meanwhile, the township administration has prohibited land reclamation…


FIVE YEARS ON: Looking to the future

NEIL McPhillips is a big believer in the spirit of the local business community.

Looking back on the 2013 floods, Neil acknowledges that natural disasters of any type bring a community together, but in fact the Bundaberg region probably shows stronger community spirit than many other regions due to the residents and businesses being somewhat “experienced” at confronting these issues. As the Business Bundaberg consultant, Neil said he had seen the coming together of the community, not only during the times of disasters but during the recovery and rebuilding phases and it was exceptional to witness. “The business and industry sector of the Bundaberg Region has come through the tough times of natural disaster recovery to actually be stronger than ever,” he said. “This doesn’t mean that there isn’t still some businesses that are doing it tough for one reason or another, but overall, it is statistically proven that our regional economy has bounced back and actually strengthened.”…


Worst case scenario: the ‘preppers’ gearing up for disaster

Midway through December, while temperatures in the UK plummeted, heaps of snow drove transport services into a frenzy and schools into closure. Water supplies froze. Medical assistance slowed, threatening genuine peril. People began to store fuel. Across the Midlands, families were left without power – no electricity, no heat – in some instances overnight. For those of us safely tucked away indoors, or unaffected by the weather, the news could be shocking. It also brought to mind an unnerving question: would you be ready if calamity struck?

The answer for most of us is no, not really. We tend to think of disaster as something that happens to others. But a growing number of people around the UK – preppers or survivalists, in the parlance – are quietly gearing up for the worst. They’re filling pantries with supplies in case…

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