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The importance of resilience in an ever-changing world

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Paris floods: River Seine expected to surge higher and reach peak as French capital braces for more flooding

The River Seine is expected to peak at a level of six metres today as Paris braced for more floods after non-stop rain in the French capital.

The Seine is expected to hit its peak on Sunday evening, flood risk body Vigicrues said as riverside households and businesses readied themselves should it fully burst its banks.

Drone footage, shared by French police, showed the extent of the rising water levels in the city centre and the damage caused in the suburbs where the Seine and Marne rivers have overflowed…


The importance of resilience in an ever-changing world

Unless you’re familiar with the world of B2B experiential marketing, you may not have ever heard of Freeman.

For 90 years we’ve been the company behind the curtain, designing and building some of the world’s most beautiful brand experiences. Our job is to bring our clients’ stories to life in a physical space, and many consider us to be the world leader in our industry.

But our roots are quite simple. We started out as a small family business built by my grandfather, Buck Freeman, and early on the company developed a knack for weathering adversity. During WWII the US government banned trade shows and fairs, so Buck started a new company–Freeman Contractors–to support the war effort. For the next four years, they painted barracks, hospitals, and airfields throughout the US…


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