How can we measure resilience?

East River
Disaster Prep Saves Six Times as Much as It Costs The East River preparing to breach the FDR Drive during Hurricane Sandy. Read on:

Weaving Resiliency Into The Fabric Of Your Organization

A disaster can leave a business in tatters, either literally taking it down like an extreme weather event can do, or leaving buildings standing but crippling critical technology systems, as with a cyber attack. You can plan how to keep the business operating and what you’re going to do to restore IT operations—but what can you do to strengthen the fabric of the organization to be strong enough to withstand the worst effects of a disaster? In other words, what can you do to make your business truly resilient?

Business resiliency is a discipline encompassing a number of different activities organizations undertake to plan for and deal with disasters, including business continuity planning and IT disaster recovery. Business resiliency also includes incident management, which keeps small events from turning into full-scale disasters; and crisis management, which addresses dealing…


How can we measure resilience? Mobile phones – and the right questions – can help

People and communities around the world are struggling to deal with the impacts of climate extremes and disasters. At the same time, international finance for supporting people’s resilience to shocks and stresses is limited.

That means understanding how to effectively build resilience is crucial – but to do that we first need to be able to track and measure resilience – something that is often fiendishly difficult.

For example, we might consider a resilient household to be one that can take precautions after receiving early warning of an imminent flood; bounce back quickly from a recent drought; or adapt to increasingly frequent heatwaves. But deciding what factors contribute and are most important to a household’s resilience is a matter fierce debate. Dozens (if not hundreds) of different resilience frameworks exist, each with a unique mix of indicators and ideas…


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