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How to Build Engaged and Resilient Teams


The Natural Disasters Of 2017’s Impact On The Housing Market Will Surprise You

burning home

How California lawmakers are preparing for more natural disasters Read on: recently released research and analysis on the impact of 2017’s natural disasters on the country’s housing market. According to most areas saw a delay in– or disruption–to an estimated 18 to 32 percent of home sales in the month of the disaster…


How to Build Engaged and Resilient Teams

As a business owner, CEO, manager or other professional, you’ve probably heard you’re only as good as your worst employee. That holds true for many reasons, perhaps with the most notable being the direct effect your staff has on your company’s success. If you have one or more employees who are disengaged from your business, you’ll likely be able to see that in your financial numbers, as well.

While there are thousands of characteristics we tend to look for during the employee search, a team member’s ability to be engaged with the company’s goal and resilient to any obstacles are two traits you should never overlook…

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