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Watch: A story of Resilience and Recovery (documentary on British Virgin Islands called BVI STRONG)


Documentary filmed on hurricane response in British Virgin Islands

Documentary filmed on hurricane response in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands’ story of resilience and recovery will hit the international scene through a newly-released 18-minute video documentary this month.

The documentary dubbed ‘BVI Strong: A Story of Resilience and Recovery’, features a comprehensive outlook on the aftermath of the territory shortly after the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria – the two category 5 hurricanes that destroyed the territory last September.

It also features the hurricane survivors, and officials such as the Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, Dr Kedrick Pickering, Governor Agustus Jaspert, along with other movers and shakers of the tourism and local business sectors.

The documentary ushers viewers from the immediate aftermath of the hurricane to when the territory launches into the disaster response phase; then to a show of resiliency and strength in relation to rebuilding the territory…


Fires and mudslides have some rethinking the California dream

A few who live amid the usually serene beauty and year-round warmth of Santa Barbara County say nature’s recent onslaughts of wildfires and mudslides have dampened their California dreams. For Hannah Troy, the twin blows of the Thomas Fire, which scorched parts of Santa Barbara last month in the biggest wildfire in the state’s history, and this week’s deadly mudslides only deepened her unease about the landscapes around her.

“California to me feels like it’s just becoming a flourishing tinderbox,” Troy said at a Red Cross shelter at a college in Santa Barbara, a wealthy city a couple hour’s drive up the Pacific coast from Los Angeles.

Troy, a legal worker in her 50s, was born in New York’s Long Island but moved as a child with her parents to Los Angeles. In 2006, she moved to the Montecito area to live with her sister and brother-in-law…

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