Science Says This Technique Can Help You Raise Calmer, More Resilient Kids

mudslide map
Technologists have rushed to assist residents in this week’s deadly mudslides in southern California with a new map that shows the likelihood of the flow of debris in a given area. Read full text here:

“Elastic Minds”: Case Studies in Mental Resilience and Agility

Costa Mesa, CA: “Dr. Dave” Cornelius long-ago established his reputation as a pioneer of modern thought. With a doctorate in Management, his business principles and strategies are validated in the recently released anthology, Elastic Minds: What Are You Thinking? These stories of successful students, artists, entrepreneurs, senior managers and professionals are equally intrinsic to the successes and satisfaction in the personal lives (even poker careers) of his ever-growing audience.

Therein lies the genius and simplicity of this, “handbook for fulfillment” through strategic thought. The human mind is complicated, as are its psychology and philosophies. So too are our varied individual circumstances, dreams and goals … in education, business, artistic expression or social interactions. Despite the complexities of life, the common and underlying thread is that each article is just another example of resilience over resistance, agility over adversity ….

The essence of the message throughout is: The disparate challenges faced by a 5th grade math student, a single parent starting an online business from home or a hedge fund manager of million-dollar portfolios can all be resolved from the very same fundamental grasp of a common perspective on resilience…


Science Says This Technique Can Help You Raise Calmer, More Resilient Kids

My eighth grader is back to the books after a week of pneumonia-induced absence. With each missed school day came another layer of overwhelm at the thought of making up all that work.

He’d finish a coughing jag and immediately ask me if any teachers had emailed assignments, even though he didn’t feel well enough to do them. Here he was trying to heal, and the anxiety was making things worse.

Here’s the two-step mindfulness tool I used to lighten his load of overwhelm. Give it a try when your kids get caught up in stressful thoughts.

Separate the worries.

First, I asked him to separate each of his worries, and say them out loud. One at a time.

Here’s what he came up with:

“I’m worried that I have so much work to make up.”…


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