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Resilience: the new normal

Hurricanes blew away Puerto Rico’s power grid. Now solar power is rising to fill the void.

new energy

More than three months after Hurricanes Maria and Irma slammed their island, over a million Puerto Ricans are still without reliable power. But one recent day, Rosa López and José Quiñones finally left those ranks…



How Disaster Charity Can Pivot to Sustainable Philanthropy

his has been a heavy year of natural disasters: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, wildfires in California, the Mexico City earthquake, a monsoon in Bangladesh.

In the aftermath of any natural disaster, money rushes in to help those in need. The media attention prompts people to write checks but also to donate clothes, food and medicine.

It’s well meaning — it’s hard not to help people in the midst of a humanitarian crisis — but when the disaster passes from the news, people who give reactively, as an act of charity, turn their attention to something else.

For philanthropists who commit to difficult projects that last many years, the challenge of disasters is different. They need to find a way to maintain the momentum created by so much attention around a natural…


Episode 106: Resilience is the ‘new normal’; rebuilding PR’s grid

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