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3 Must Have Skill Sets to Create a Resilient Mindset

floating house

A Floating House to Resist the Floods of Climate Change Read full article:

Tomorrow Me app being designed to build resilience, improve mental wellbeing of young jobseekers

AN app is in the works to teach young Victorians struggling to get a job to build resilience and improve mental wellbeing, with VicHealth splashing up to $235,000 on a prototype.

Tender documents reveal the “gamified” app, dubbed ­Tomorrow Me, will show young people they “are not just their job, nor are they defined by under- or unemployment”.

Dr Bella d’Abrera, from the Institute of Public Affairs, said the app was a waste of money.

“Building resilience can’t be learnt from an app, it is learnt from going through life’s challenges and hurdles,” she said.

“It is a misguided attempt to teach young people to be resilient but I think it will do the opposite.

“The problem is that we are keeping our young people in a state of…


3 Must Have Skill Sets to Create a Resilient Mindset

Rita Hudgens is a mom of 4 and a Warrior Coach who lives in Arizona. Having overcome numerous impossible situations, she specializes in coaching people to build Warrior Mindsets.

In this article, she shares 3 Tips to Create a Resilient Mindset.

What inspires you? Personally, I get inspiration from miracles found in nature. Have you ever examined the complex society of the leaf-cutter ant, or marveled at the massive 3,000 plus mile journey of the monarch butterfly, or witnessed the incredible resiliency of the bamboo tree?

Years ago, I suffered from severe chemical sensitivities. Desperate to regain my health, I starting eliminating toxins found in my home. The first project was to replace the old carpet with wood flooring. I quickly discovered that most hardwood flooring was filled with toxic VOC’s and formaldehyde…


Flood resilience portal launched

With an objective to timely inform the public about looming flood risks in flood-risk zones, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MOFALD), on Thursday, launched a flood resilience portal in the Nepali language in collaboration with various organizations.

The portal is intended to complement the existing Disaster Risk Reduction Portal ( and ease knowledge dissemination regarding the disaster related risks so that the public can timely adopt alertness and take action to minimize the loss of lives and property.

The flood resilience portal can be reached at . By visiting the portal, people can know more about building capacity on concepts and practices of flood risk reduction and resilience using different measures.

State Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development, Janak Raj Chaudhary launched the portal amid an inauguration ceremony organized in the capital. As there is a gap between wider disaster risk reduction and localization of the available knowledge, the minister said the project would help localize…

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