Get used to saying ‘bomb cyclone.’ This is our climate now.

Authorities take precautions as rivers across Germany continue to flood

Snow melt in the Alps and volatile weather patterns have caused rivers across Germany to break their banks. Europe’s most important shipping routes have been closed off to traffic, with some locals facing evacuation…


Get used to saying ‘bomb cyclone.’ This is our climate now.

Now that one of the strongest nor’easters on record has swirled off to Canada, it’s time to talk about what everyone was thinking during the storm: Is this just what happens now?

Short answer: yes. Get used to it. Wild storms like this week’s massive coastal cyclone will be part of winters in the Anthropocene.

This storm’s frightening name — the “bomb cyclone” — was derived from an obscure meteorological term and caught on after President Donald Trump’s terrifying tweet about nuclear weapons. The storm wasn’t as scary as all that, obviously, but it still spread havoc…


Stunning Images Show The ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Snowstorm Blasting The East Coast From Space

cyclone bomb
The size of the fully-developed storm is impressive. The Great Lakes near the upper-left corner and the Florida peninsula image provide a sense of scale.

A ‘bomb cyclone’ winter storm is pummelling the US East Coast with blizzard-like snow and wind conditions.

The huge storm was born when a surge of moist ocean air spiraled north to meet a frigid blast of Arctic air – the perfect recipe for a Nor’easter….

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