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PhD student helping refugees prepare for natural disasters

Connecting the dots between 2017’s natural disasters and climate

Brien head fire

The Brian Head Fire in Utah has grown to over 43,000 acres, while the Frye Fire in Arizona is now 39 percent contained on June 26, 2017.

From hurricanes to wildfires, heatwaves, and droughts, 2017 was a devastating year all across the planet, and while we tend to use the term “natural disaster,” in most cases, they have been climate disasters…


University of Wollongong PhD student helping refugees prepare for natural disasters

Shefali Juneja Lakhina has seen first-hand that people who flee persecution are most of all, seeking safety.

That’s why the University of Wollongong PhD student is working with refugee families across the Illawarra to understand how they learn about and prepare for natural hazards, such as bushfires, storms and flash flooding.


‘’Based on my family’s experiences of seeking refuge in post-partition India in the late 1940s, and my own experiences of living in five countries over the past 14 years, I have always been struck by how migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees have been generally left out of disaster resilience thinking, policy and practice,’’ she said.

‘’This issue is important to address because people who flee persecution are most of all, seeking safety.

‘’But, to what extent do Refugee Welcome Zones – cities and regions, fulfil this critical need for safety…


Lessons from a hurricane: Use open-source information

The Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Special Tactics Squadron is regularly tasked to perform humanitarian missions. This year’s onslaught of hurricanes was no different for the elite unit.

“We have a lot of unique capabilities in our wing which allow us to respond effectively during [these] events, including pararescuemen, combat controllers and a contingency response group — a unit whose sole reason for existence is to rapidly establish airlift hubs in areas affected by natural disasters or other contingencies,” Col. David Mounkes, the 123rd Airlift Wing commander, said in a statement. He oversees the the 123rd STS.

Mounkes said he was pleased with the airmen’s response to the three major back-to-back storms of the past hurricane season…

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