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Earthquake and tsunami warning messages in Japan coming directly to Android 8.1 Oreo

Earthquake and tsunami warning messages in Japan coming directly to Android 8.1 Oreo

Given Japan’s propensity for earthquakes and tsunamis, having a standardized system to alert people of the risk of danger would be a beneficial tool to prevent injury. Unfortunately, this alert system had been implemented at the carrier level, requiring carrier-specific apps. For users of unlocked phones on an MVNO, the ability to receive these notifications ranged from zero to inconsistent, dependent on the model of phone used. Now, the Telecommunications Carriers Association has announced that as of Android 8.1, these phones can receive emergency alerts.

Although the Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System (ETWS) is a 3GPP standard, only the status codes for “earthquake,” “tsunami,” and “earthquake and tsunami” were assigned. Carriers are free to implement their own statuses for other types of emergency alerts, the definitions for which were contained in carrier-specific apps. These statuses—including missile attacks and terrorist activity—have now been standardized among the three major Japanese carriers…


Disaster Relief: How to Help Holiday Destinations Recover

This fall was rife with charitable efforts to aid those people and areas impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. In September, more than $44 million was raised by the Hand in Hand benefit for victims, with support from Stephen Colbert, Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey. Jennifer Lopez helped Puerto Rico by donating $1 million, and hosting a charity concert in October, while such stars as Kevin Hart and Beyonce tweeted about donating thousands of dollars to Red Cross and encouraging other celebrity followers to do the same in the weeks following the storms. “Ninety percent of the money that’s raised for natural…


The natural disasters that shook 2017 in photos

Irma 2

Picture: AP/Ramon EspinosaSource:AP As the US was still reeling from the devastation of Harvey, further east Hurricane Irma began her destructive path across the Caribbean and Florida.

AS IF the world didn’t have enough to contend with this year with threats of nuclear war, terrorist attacks and Twitter rampages, natural disasters did their best to wreak havoc as well.

From cyclones and hurricanes to wildfires and earthquakes, 2017 was a year that saw the planet bite back, with thousands of people affected around the world.

Images from these disasters stuck with us, with the following pictures summing up the might and fury the Earth is capable of delivering…

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