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How New York City is tackling a mental health crisis spurred by Hurricane Sandy

Water world: floating architecture is a booming business, thanks to Dutch design

recycled park

Recycled Park, Rotterdam, Netherlands Another component of the emerging Floating Community in Rotterdam’s Rijnhaven, the Recycled Park is a collaborative effort initiated by Ramon Knoester of WHIM architecture. The project aims to retrieve plastic waste from the Nieuwe Maas river before it reaches the sea, and use it to design plant- and marine fauna-friendly platforms for a floating park. Read more at

A famous saying credits the Dutch for having literally created the Netherlands. This does justice to Holland’s formidable man-made infrastructure that renders buildable the land – half of which would have otherwise been regularly flooded. Today, as climate change causes sea levels to rise, floods are becoming a global challenge. With 75 per cent of the world’s ever-growing megacities located in delta areas, large-scale construction on water seems to be only a matter of time.

Dutch designers, architects and developers are already pioneering this next step: in Rotterdam, one of the world’s biggest ports, the team at property developer Beladon combines expertise in maritime technology and agriculture to build floating farms for alternative fresh food production. Public Domain Architects has proposed floating homes as a solution for a flood-prone new development area…


How New York City is tackling a mental health crisis spurred by Hurricane Sandy

It was Daris Garnes’ 50th birthday when Hurricane Sandy barreled down on her neighborhood in Rockaway, Queens. A speech therapist with New York City’s Department of Education, Garnes had moved from Brooklyn into her new oceanside condominium five years before the storm hit. She felt like she’d accomplished a lifelong dream.

“I just felt like, wow, I’m really doing it!” she remembers thinking when she moved in.

But on the night of Oct. 29, 2012, Garnes fled her condo because of the incoming storm. She returned the next day to find it flooded and looted…

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