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Grief, loss & resilience

Bid to strengthen disaster resilience

The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) board of directors has approved a total of $US15 million ($F31m) in financing, comprised of policy-based loans and grants, for the Pacific Disaster Resilience Program which will help strengthen Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu’s resilience to disasters. ADB’s assistance will include loans worth $US3.1m ($F6.4m) each to Samoa and Tonga. It will also include grants worth $US2.9m ($F6m) each to Samoa and Tonga and $US3m ($F6.2m) to Tuvalu. All three grants are financed from the Asian Development Fund, ADB’s grant-based development financing vehicle. An ADB-supported $US2m ($F4m) technical assistance grant will help the three countries implement priority resilience building activities and share their experiences. “This program will facilitate faster early recovery and reconstruction which will significantly reduce the secondary economic and social costs normally caused by delays…


Grief, loss & resilience

greif and loss

ROHINGYA CRISIS: Rohingya refugees making their way to a camp after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Palong Khali, near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on Nov 3. Nearly 650,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar and at least 6,700 have been killed since a military crackdown on Aug 25 in Rakhine state. The crackdown was triggered by an attack on over 30 police posts by Rohingya Arsa militants. Myanmar’s military has faced widespread allegations of murder, rape, arson and wholesale ethnic cleansing of Muslim Rohingya which it denies. PHOTO: REUTERS

Record-breaking hurricanes brought death and destruction to the Caribbean and the US, while North Korea-US tensions soared. ISIS suffered military defeat but inspired terror attacks across the globe. Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe was brought down, while hundreds of thousands of Thais finally laid a beloved king to rest. Here is a wrap of some of the year’s major events….


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