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Building a Resilience Advantage in Healthcare


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Building resilience in our youth A young man moulds a metallic pan at Jua Kali workshop in Kibuye Market, Kisumu. Kenya’s biting unemployment crunch has left the youth in crisis. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

oster patience and resilience in our youth


My recent piece in the week’s Sunday Nation about the end of formal employment drew intriguing comments, but one of them stood out (“The era of formal employment is over: Time to adjust sails,” December 3).

“While educated youths are wallowing in poverty and digging tunnels to access money, others ferry it in sacks, while others earn it for merely sitting,” said the reader.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with a group of university students. “What are your expectations by the age of 30?” I asked. To own a palatial home, and drive a big car were the commonest responses. “And how will you attain this feat only five years after leaving campus?” I posed. They looked bewildered.

One said he would achieve that since he studied a prestigious course. Another said he would land a well-paying job and earn enough to achieve those goals….


Building a Resilience Advantage in Healthcare

The clock speed of the healthcare industry has been accelerating for years. And now the pace is growing frenetic. Consider the news from just one week. U.S. insurer UnitedHealth Group, which has been building its Optum subsidiary into a health services juggernaut, acquired DaVita Medical Group, adding significantly to its roster of 30,000 physicians. The blockbuster combination of CVS and Aetna will blur the lines between care delivery, care management, and retail. Should the deal close, the combined entity’s reach will be impressive. Some 70 percent of the nation’s population resides within five miles of a CVS–Aetna location.

The latest dramatic corporate moves are playing out against the backdrop of broader regulatory uncertainty surrounding proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Medicaid program and of the systematic shift toward a more consumer-oriented, value-driven…



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