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How Businesses Should Approach Social Media During Times of Disaster

What It’s Like to Evacuate a Museum in a Natural Disaster


One hour, dozens of artifacts, and looters—a drill at the Smithsonian teaches museums how to plan for the worst. Photo: Michael Barnes / Smithsonian

The journalist was not having it. He tailed the museum director out the door. “Are you looting the museum for your own personal means?” he demanded. “I totally saw you slip something into your car earlier today.”

Obviously, the emergency evacuation of the state museum of “Smithsonia” was not going according to plan.

This scene played out at the Smithsonian on a recent Wednesday afternoon, during an exercise in which a group of cultural-heritage professionals and emergency responders tried to evacuate the fictional Smithsonia museum after a pretend cyclone. They had all come to Washington, D.C., for the weeklong Heritage Emergency and Response Training, or HEART, hoping to learn how museums can plan for natural disasters or even war.

The HEART organizers did not make it easy: The museum’s collection was scattered and uncatalogued, the staff were largely absent, the aforementioned reporter was snooping around for dirt, and the museum’s director was, well, you already know. To successfully evacuate the museum, the team would have to navigate egos, bureaucracies, and public opinion—plus…


How Businesses Should Approach Social Media During Times of Disaster

In the past few months, we have witnessed a series of devastating tragedies unfold in the U.S. From Hurricane Harvey in Texas to Hurricane Irma in south Florida to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it’s been one disaster after another. And in the wake of a tragedy, people want reassurance that their loved ones are safe.

Enter social media.

When phone calls no longer go through and text messages aren’t answered, loved ones will instinctively turn to social media for help. It’s become the go-to channel for users since Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the power of social media during a disaster. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, users get firsthand information from people…


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