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Deadliest Natural Disasters in 2017

The Mystery Ships of Hurricane Irma Are Washing Up on Florida’s Coast

The day after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Randy Lathrop jumped on his bike at first light to assess the damage.

He soon spotted something exceedingly peculiar. The 62-year-old photographer from Cocoa, Fla., was pedaling along Indian River Drive under swirling clouds, he says, when he saw a rough wooden object resembling a canoe.


He took a photograph and texted it to an archaeologist friend, writing “WTF!!!!” His friend replied that it looked like an ancient dugout.

Was that even possible?

The mystery ships had arrived. Mr. Lathrop’s find, which set off an official effort to trace its provenance, was among a barrage of vessels and assorted flotsam half-sunk and washed up along southern Florida’s coast after the Category 4 hurricane in September…


In Pictures: 15 Deadliest Natural Disasters of 2017


The La Tuna Canyon fire burns over Burbank, California, U.S. (Image: Reuters)





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