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Workplace compassion ‘is vital for business success’

Rare Manuscript Exhibit Explores How Climate Disasters Create Monsters

In April 1815, a volcano in the East Indies erupted with cataclysmic force, releasing a plume of ash that circled the entire globe. In the weeks and months that followed, the skies grew dim and global temperatures plummeted. Crop failures, famine, disease, and death ensued. It was one of the darkest chapters in human history—so perhaps it’s no surprise that the eruption at Mount Tambora is credited with inspiring some of literature’s most infamous monsters.

A new exhibit at the Rosenbach rare book library in Philadelphia explores the science underpinning Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, two classic gothic novels that share a connection to the notorious “year without a summer” that followed Mount Tambora’s 1815 eruption. Showcasing handwritten notes from the original manuscripts, as well as other important books and manuscripts from the same period…


Hear 5 stories about finding personal resilience in science

The night began with a story told by a science journalist who tried to cure her autoimmune disease by swallowing parasitic worms. It finished with the story of a young primate researcher who nearly died after being attacked by two chimpanzees.

On Oct. 5, St. Louis Public Radio and The Story Collider podcast collaborated for the second time to present five personal science stories live, on stage, at The Ready Room. It was the first time I hosted a show with local comedian Zack Stovall since we joined The Story Collider’s team of producers last summer. The theme of the night was “Resilience.” Some of these stories showed how resilience is necessary to scientific research. Others showed how they used scientific knowledge…


Workplace compassion ‘is vital for business success’


“Compassion in the workplace has a very direct relationship to the bottom line”

Treating employees with compassion is a key factor in how a company recovers from a major negative event, according to scientific research by a leading speaker at a conference in Edinburgh this week.

Monica Worline, an organisational psychologist says that hard scientific research shows that compassion in the workplace has a very direct relationship to the bottom line…


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