This Year’s Hurricane Season Was the Costliest Ever. Now What?

portugal fire
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Improving Access and Disaster Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities in Samoa

Samoa has implemented the Enhanced Road Access Project to restore important road assets damaged by extreme weather, also to enhance the climate resilience of critical roads and bridges. One of the actions under the project is to help remove barriers for persons with disabilities, acknowledging that this is a positive step towards ensuring sustainable development in many Pacific Island countries….


This Year’s Hurricane Season Was the Costliest Ever. Now What?

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have created the costliest hurricane season to date, but this is also part of a trend of increasing frequency of billion-dollar weather disasters. And it’s creating a stark reality for American companies today. As large-scale disasters become more common, businesses must do more to invest in disaster preparedness beyond their own infrastructure and business continuity plans. The new normal requires business leaders to invest in the resilience of the communities in which they operate. This is not just a moral necessity. Spending on community resilience is also a sound business decision.

Take the pharmaceutical industry for instance. About 50 pharmaceutical plants operated by some of the largest drug companies in the world are located in Puerto Rico. All must now manage a major broken link in their supply chains—the loss of major manufacturing capacity due to the painfully slow recovery process on the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. At the same time, news…

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