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Disaster zones could soon be salvaged by teams of smart devices – here’s how

Businesses taught to be resilient to natural disasters

THE Business Continuity Planning — Train the Trainers workshop held at the Takia Hotel in Labasa yesterday is expected to make businesses resilient to natural disasters.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Pacific regional co-ordinator Brett Jones said the training was part of the USAID project aimed at strengthening the environmental and disaster resilience of Pacific Island nations.

Ms Jones said natural disasters had a major impact on Fiji’s businesses and the economy as a whole.

“According to the Fiji Government’s post-disaster assessments, Tropical Cyclone Winston caused $1.99 billion in damage and losses,” she said.

“Through this two-day training, 20 participants will learn about business continuity planning, the role of first responders and how climate variability affects…


Disaster zones could soon be salvaged by teams of smart devices – here’s how

drones in disasters

Drones being used to find survivors after an earthquake in Ecuador in 2016. Fotos593

We will remember 2017 as an appalling year for natural disasters. The US has endured its most expensive hurricane season, amounting to over $200 billion (£151 billion) of damage. Mexico City experienced a terrible earthquake that killed over 200 people, while severe tropical storms forced tens of thousands of evacuations in Macau, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

It comes months after the UN’s head of disaster planning warned that the world is not adequately preparing for disasters. This, he said, risks “inconceivably bad” consequences as climate change makes disasters more frequent and severe.

In such circumstances, modern technologies like smartphones, sensors and drones could help enormously, particularly if we can get them to act like an intelligent network. But first, we software engineers have to figure out how to make this viable. The good news is there are signs of progress – with a little help from some completely different…

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