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How to cope with fears of a nuclear disaster

extreme weather pattern

The stage is set for a dramatic change in the weather pattern across the Northern Hemisphere during the next seven to 10 days. Full story:

Lacklustre on-farm disaster recovery highlights need for a new approach

The latest severe weather event experienced by Queensland farmers and the ensuing processes have again highlighted why the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) continues to push for changes to the current recovery arrangements. Six weeks after the flooding that caused widespread damage through the Wide Bay region, 40 per cent of affected farm businesses are yet to repair essential business equipment and infrastructure. Of the farmers who had repaired, 45pc had done so to a lesser standard than what was previously in place, leaving them more vulnerable to future events…


Post-Harvey Houston faces a dilemma: how to rebuild with integrity

urricane Harvey left 77 dead, caused $200bn in damage and left thousands homeless, and the rebuilding will be the largest effort since New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. And the clear-up is proving equally dangerous.

A new report produced by the University of Illinois Chicago in conjunction with workers’ rights groups paints a startling picture of the inequity experienced by many of the immigrants doing the hard, often dangerous work of rebuilding. Many have experienced wage theft, the majority have had no safety training and workers are rebuilding without access to basic safety equipment.

Already, battle lines are being drawn between a vision of equitable reconstruction being driven by worker’s rights groups and their allies in the Houston government and a free market vision championed by the Trump administration…


How to cope with fears of a nuclear disaster

As North Korea and the United States continue to rattle their nuclear sabers, public tension is rising. North Korea’s claim that the missile it fired Wednesday is capable of reaching any city on the US mainland, whether true or not, adds fuel to that fear.

“All it takes is to turn on television or talk radio to be bombarded with what feels like a constant diatribe, not between the two nations but at each other,” said Harvard instructor Suzet McKinney, an expert in public health


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