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Why resilience is the top predictor of success today

GettyImages-513065576A story of resilience

Jeremy Meed’s strength is tested every time he hauls himself up into his truck from his wheelchair. Meed lifts his whole body weight up into the passenger seat of his truck every night to sleep in his vehicle. His feet swell up from sleeping upright. All his personal belongings lie in the passenger seat and the cab of the truck. Since the beginning of summer, Meed’s truck has been his home. “Using the bathroom, not having a comfortable place to sleep and not being able to cook,” are some of the hardest parts of living in his truck said Meed. When Meed first moved out to Humboldt from Ohio he lived on campus at the College Creek apartments. Unfortunately, this semester his financial aid was only enough to cover his tuition. Meed is part of possibly up to 15% of HSU students who are homeless according to a survey done by Chant’e Catt of the HSU Homeless Students Advocate Alliance in 2016. Meed is also physically disabled making it even more difficult to find housing in an area with an already severe housing shortage.

At the age of 16 Meed ran away from home with his girlfriend from South Carolina in his Subaru. Somewhere on the outskirts of Atlanta Meed fell asleep…


Career resilience is more than just bouncing back

Years of coaching CEOs, workers and students have taught the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates’ director that being resilient is one of the most important skills you need to grow.

Students tell me that they’ve grown up with their parents sitting next to them when they’re studying, correcting their mistakes even before they discover them. Junior corporate workers tell me that they are sceptical about authority figures encouraging them to take risks, fail fast and think out of the box as their experiences with their line managers have taught them that even small failures affect their KPIs and are penalised. Senior leaders tell me candidly that in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, they are looking for people who are able to be resilient but most Singaporeans don’t have any risk tolerance for failure and they struggle with finding people to take on…


Why resilience is the top predictor of success today


Consider that the only constant in the rapidly changing world of work is “You”. And, it is during these times of change when you really get tested on your ability to navigate and more importantly to bounce back. In the organisational context, the change could range from restructuring to introduction of new technologies to a change in the business model itself. To stay relevant and worthwhile, you constantly go through the cycle of learning, unlearning and then again relearning. Tough, right? In our day-to-day work, we inevitably experience set-backs because there are so many variables which are not in our control. And if we are not conscious of our choices, we find ourselves fighting unnecessary battles and losing hope along the way. Some of us get bogged down by this constant need to reinvent ourselves while others seem to be doing so well just all the time. So, the million dollar question is what is it that sets them apart from the rest? How are they able to sail through challenges with such ease and continue to do it every single time? In my experience of working with a wide range of business leaders, the answer comes to a simple quality – Resilience. It is their resilience that fuels the resolve to…


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