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Expert reveals the five key things city dwellers should do if disaster strikes

Interoperability During Disasters: Lessons from Tragedy

More than 600 people were rushed to Las Vegas hospitals after the shooting rampage at a country music festival on October 1, some of them arriving in the backs of pickup trucks. “It was like we were in a war zone,” a trauma surgeon at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The injured were shot, trampled, or hurt jumping over fences at the late-night event, attended by many people from out of state. These patients, of course, were hardly in a position to supply the health records that can be vital for emergency treatment…


Library plays a pivotal role during emergencies

There’s a synergy that takes place in our town during times of emergency, and it doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of thoughtful preparation between town departments, and it was tested during the recent power outage.

Emergency preparedness may not come to mind when thinking of library services, but it’s a growing role for our profession – and one we take seriously. In 2011, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognized libraries as essential organizations during times of disaster. There are endless examples of libraries across the country mobilizing to support their communities – from serving as command posts for firefighters in California, to bunkering in place to provide public information updates in Florida.

The outage was an opportunity for us to put our preparedness skills to work in support of our community. We were fortunate to have power, which quickly positioned us as a location for shelter and connectivity.


On Day 1, every seat, study carrel and public computer station in the library was occupied. Extra power strips were purchased for (almost) every outlet and were quickly filled with all manner of charging cords. Our meeting and conference rooms became charging and work stations…


Expert reveals the five key things city dwellers should do if disaster strikes

city dwellers

There are certain things city dwellers can do in preparation for a disaster. Photo / 123RF Daily Mail

From Hurricane Irma to the Northern California wildfires, this year has seen its fair share of natural disasters.

These disasters may have you thinking about what you should do in the eventuality one hits your city – how do you prepare and should you think about leaving?

According to an expert, a lot of what drives large-scale evacuations is mass hysteria and fear, and most natural disasters don’t require an immediate evacuation because they can be predicted, for example hurricanes, said the Daily Mail.

However, there are certain things city dwellers can do in preparation for a sudden…


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