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Dutch flood expertise is big export business


Opinion: Hydropower is not the answer for climate resilience full text….

Black Businesses More Likely to Have a Disaster Recovery Plan; How to Set Up Yours

When it comes to dealing with unforeseen disasters that could cripple a business, black entrepreneurs are more prepared for disaster recovery than other groups.

One of the the most surprising findings from Nationwide’s third annual survey of 1,000 business owners is African American owners are more likely than Hispanic or Caucasian owners to say they have a plan in place to protect employee data (56%), a disaster recovery plan (46%), and a cyber-attack response plan (41%), says Mark Berven, president of property and casualty at Nationwide.  The annual survey did not ask why they are more likely to have these types of plans, but increased awareness of these issues is probably a key factor…


Water wizards: Dutch flood expertise is big export business

On a calm, clear morning, historic wooden fishing boats float tranquilly on the glassy waters of the Dutch harbor of Spakenburg. Yet just over a century ago, they were slamming through the houses lining the harbor as a powerful storm unleashed flooding that devastated this picturesque fishing village.

It’s just the latest example of Dutch ingenuity and planning in this low-lying nation’s constant battle with water — and increasingly, technology like it is becoming a lucrative Dutch export.

“We live here in a very vulnerable place,” said Roeland Hillen, director of the Dutch Flood Protection Program. “We have to adapt to survive.”…


Ecuador official studies Japan’s disaster measures

Ecuador needs to further develop disaster risk management plans in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Ecuadorian National Secretary for Risk Management Alexandra Ocles said in an interview with the Japan News in Tokyo on Thursday. Secretary Ocles has been touring Japan since Oct. 29 as part of a two-week JICA program, during which she has studied up-to-date countermeasures for natural disasters, especially earthquakes and tsunami.

“I would like to introduce the Japanese culture of disaster prevention to municipalities in Ecuador, focusing on strengthening capacity of risk management,” the secretary said after inspecting various sites and facilities, including…


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