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Cyber resilience: security for a new era

Cyber resilience: security for a new era

Today’s technology-rich landscape has led to a proliferation in cybercrime, impacting society, government organisations and private companies. An interconnected world has created an ongoing series of risks including online scams, identity theft, access to computer systems and attacks on IT infrastructures.

As these threats continue to become more sophisticated, traditional cybersecurity methods are lacking effectiveness. It’s no longer just the security solutions that matter, therefore companies are now looking at how implementing cyber resilience strategies can keep their defenses sharp enough to withstand an attack with minimal impact.

Traditionally, cybersecurity has been about stopping attacks from a technical aspect. Cyber resilience on the other hand takes on the matter with a more pragmatic method, and focuses on implications that threats might have from a business or societal standpoint. It includes things like taking executive…


Cyber Resilience- what I’ve found (Part 1)

security framwork

year or so ago I came upon the idea of “cyber resilience”, which is a general concept of ‘hardening’ or toughing, or making more resilient, our IT/cyber systems.  I started seeing the terms used a lot, and many of the times I’ve seen it has been in use of ideas that we need to focus MORE on resilience then cybersecurity, or that cyber resilience is the next step beyond cybersecurity.

Here are some of the articles I read:  one, two, three.

I have a lot of problems with this idea.  This lead me to do research on the topic and I developed a presentation which I’ve given twice, most recently at the 2017 ISSA International Conference.  Below you’ll find my research.

Now, this is not to say I’m not in agreement with…

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