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Discover the link between productivity and resilience

AHA releases guidance on workplace resilience training to reduce stress

The American Heart Association CEO Roundtable, consisting of a group of CEOs from prominent U.S. companies and AHA leadership, has released an evidence-based practical guidance for employers seeking to implement resilience training programs to improve health, according to a press release.

More than two-thirds of employees cite work as a significant contributor to stress, according to the release, prompting the AHA CEO Roundtable to seek novel approaches like resilience training to improve health and productivity


8 Ways To Raise Resilient Kids

A University of Arizona study found that “kids who were over-parented and weren’t disappointed had an exaggerated sense of entitlement. They became adults who were less confident about overcoming challenges,” and were less able to handle disappointment. In other words, parents who do their kids’ homework and projects are doing a great disservice to their children.

My partner and I never help our daughter with homework, unless she really has no idea what to do. Our goal is to let her struggle with her work and we usually find that after a few minutes of frustration, she figures out the right answer, or an answer. We don’t tell her how to spell words when she asks and, instead, encourage her to sound them out and write them down the way she thinks is correct. The point is to let her struggle and come up with her own solutions. Paul J. Donahue, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist and leading consultant and expert in the field of parenting and children’s mental health, says that children…



Discover the link between productivity and resilience


Discover the link between productivity and resilience

Does your organization’s success really depend on its people?

If the answer is truly yes – than leaders needs to ask themselves this: what is your organization actively doing to protect your work force’s physical and psychological health? And are you reaching every employee?

Here’s an example of why companies need to pay attention to the resilience of their work force.

Consider the following example. Company ABC has 1,000 employees it expects will come to work every day to do their best work, and, when asked, the company’s leadership felt that it would be pleased with employees doing their best work 80 per cent of the time they are on the job.

But stop and think for a moment what that means. That can be translated into meaning that there is one full day each week where employees are not really working.

Many employees come to work feeling unwell either physically or mentally…

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