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Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Why resilience is the top predictor of success today

A story of resilience Jeremy Meed’s strength is tested every time he hauls himself up into his truck from his wheelchair. Meed lifts his whole body weight up into the … Continue reading

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Expert reveals the five key things city dwellers should do if disaster strikes

Interoperability During Disasters: Lessons from Tragedy More than 600 people were rushed to Las Vegas hospitals after the shooting rampage at a country music festival on October 1, some of … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters in Australia to Cost A$39 Billion a Year by 2050

Interoperability During Disasters: Lessons from Tragedy More than 600 people were rushed to Las Vegas hospitals after the shooting rampage at a country music festival on October 1, some of … Continue reading

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Mexican Economy Shrank in Third Quarter as Natural Disasters Hit

US$2 billion lost to natural disasters in 2017 It is estimated that Việt Nam has lost VNĐ45 trillion (US$2 billion) due to natural disasters this year, Nguyễn Đỗ Anh Tuấn, … Continue reading

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A new European system to tackle natural disasters

Global hot spot: Exceptional heat pushes up ocean temperatures off Australia Australia is home to a global hot spot for sea-surface temperatures, with a record burst of prolonged heat in … Continue reading

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Tourist industry worldwide shows resilience to terror

Resilience Not Toughness – Award Winning Founder On Redefining Perceptions Of Women In Business Healthy snack company, Propercorn has come a long way in just six years.  Conceived by Cassandra … Continue reading

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You Can Become More Resilient, Even if You Grew Up With Emotional Neglect

Grammy-Winning Jazz Artist Gregory Porter On Staying Resilient And True To Your Passions Nobody ever says, “Hey kid. You want to be a success? Become a jazz musician.” How did … Continue reading

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La Nina likely to develop in the Pacific by December

Phoenix Will Be Almost Unlivable by 2050 Thanks to Climate Change Sorry to put such a fine point on this, but even without climate change, Phoenix, Arizona, is already pretty … Continue reading

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Earthquakes Expected To Double In Number In 2018 As Earth’s Rotation Slows

  Earthquakes Expected To Double In Number In 2018 As Earth’s Rotation Slows A team of scientists presented a research paper to the Geological Society of America, revealing some ground shaking … Continue reading

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Stories of climate vulnerability and resilience in Fiji

  Is Resilience Falling Victim to Political Expediency? With media reports suggesting that at least 124 people have died because of Hurricane Irma and that more than 60 have lost … Continue reading

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How well is London prepared for disaster

How well is London prepared for disaster? We’ve become accustomed to seeing the acronyms CEO and CFO among job titles at most municipalities and other corporations. But there’s a new … Continue reading

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These Cities May Be At Risk Of Drowning Due To Global Warming, According To NASA

These Cities May Be At Risk Of Drowning Due To Global Warming, According To NASA While the effects of melting glaciers on Earth’s sea levels have been widely cited, NASA concluded Wednesday … Continue reading

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Dutch flood expertise is big export business

Black Businesses More Likely to Have a Disaster Recovery Plan; How to Set Up Yours When it comes to dealing with unforeseen disasters that could cripple a business, black entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Five Years After Superstorm Sandy, Is New York City Better Prepared for the Next Mega Storm?

Flash floods on Greek coast kill 15 Flash floods have killed at least 15 people, made scores homeless and destroyed infrastructure in Greece after a raging torrent inundated two coastal … Continue reading

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Harvey-scale rains could hit Texas 18x more often by the end of the century

Hurricane sets off fierce debate about leaving Puerto Rico The disaster wrought by Hurricane Maria has set off an anguished debate across Puerto Rico, where friends, family and co-workers are … Continue reading

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Big brands fail brand resilience test

  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria dealt a big blow to corporate America. More than 40% of companies in the S&P 500 that have reported third-quarter earnings so far mentioned … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Resilience

The Trauma after the Storm This year hurricanes have rocked America and the Caribbean. Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have caused billions of dollars of damage and so far, left … Continue reading

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La Niña is here, so 2017 won’t be the warmest year on record

Hurricane Irma Ended Up Costing Disney $100 Million Due To Closures And Cancellations The effects of Hurricane Irma are still being felt by cities, states, and whole countries, as people … Continue reading

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To be resilient, start by avoiding the word “happiness”

Summer of Storms Tests Energy Resilience While the Trump administration proposes to make the nation’s electric grid more “resilient” by propping up nuclear and coal-fired power plants, a wide range of … Continue reading

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New study links natural disaster with revolutions

Boston-area transit spends $101M in weather resilience investments Every region has its transportation challenges; in the Northeast, a major challenge comes in the form of weather. MBTA’s preparations are essential to … Continue reading

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Experts are making sure the Boxing Day tsunami disaster never happens again

Flex your resiliency muscles For the past few years, I’ve been on a journey alongside my employer, the Young Women’s Resource Center, to better serve girls and young women throughout … Continue reading

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Cyber resilience: security for a new era

Cyber resilience: security for a new era Today’s technology-rich landscape has led to a proliferation in cybercrime, impacting society, government organisations and private companies. An interconnected world has created an … Continue reading

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17 Confessions Of Counselors and Therapists Who Help People Cope After Disasters

Facing your demons: Airmen share personal tales of resiliency during Storytellers Airmen, friends and family from across the base gathered at the Weekenders Lounge to listen to stories of their … Continue reading

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New York City’s search for resilience continues five years after Sandy

New York City’s search for resilience continues five years after Sandy Flooding during Hurricane Sandy damaged much of Jose Velez’s New York City home. Personal photos, comic books and his … Continue reading

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27 dead as Typhoon Damrey batters Vietnam

A new way to help animals during potential natural disasters in Southern Oregon Central Point, Ore.- It’s something that the Southern Oregon Kennel Club has working on since 2016. A … Continue reading

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8 Lessons for Building Resiliency After the California Wildfires

UN says urgent action required on disaster resilience in South, South-West Asia Risks from natural hazards are gradually outpacing resilience in South and Southwest Asia and have the potential to … Continue reading

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Why flood insurance claims were so low after Hurricane Maria

Why flood insurance claims were so low after Hurricane Maria As of Oct. 25, FEMA had paid $2.8 billion in federal assistance under the National Flood Insurance Program to people … Continue reading

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Financial implications of natural disasters

Nuffield scholar rebuilds farming resilience from the ashes of Pinery fires FIRE ripped through Derek Tiller’s family farm and went on to burn some 85,000 hectares of Pinery properties in … Continue reading

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How to achieve amazing business resilience

Three practical steps small businesses can take to promote mentally healthy workplaces Workplace managers are beginning to recognise the crippling cost that poor mental health can create. Recent media reports … Continue reading

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Discover the link between productivity and resilience

AHA releases guidance on workplace resilience training to reduce stress The American Heart Association CEO Roundtable, consisting of a group of CEOs from prominent U.S. companies and AHA leadership, has … Continue reading

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