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Resilience and burnout. Psychologists say there are three kinds of burnout. Here’s how to beat it

These 9 Things Are Draining Your Passion at Work (Here’s How to Counter Them)

Remember when you didn’t even have to try to feel inspired at work? Inspiration was everywhere. Everything was exciting, interesting, challenging. Personal growth was around every corner.

What happened?

You’re not alone in feeling The Great Drain–70 percent of us have lost that lovin’ feeling. But waiting around for inspiration is folly, especially if you’re hoping for it from your boss. 55 percent of employees cite the ability to inspire as the single most important leadership attribute they want from their boss, but only 11 percent say their current manager is inspiring.


But here’s the good news as I detail it in my new book Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration and Make Work Exciting Again. While inspiration seems mysterious and elusive, it can be codified and coaxed. You can create the conditions where inspiration occurs.

Since inspiration was everywhere when you started your job, what if you could tap into what was naturally triggering it at that time?

Ask, “How did I lose my inspiration in the first place?”

The answer? These 9 fierce forces:…


Psychologists say there are three kinds of burnout. Here’s how to beat it


Psychologists say there are three kinds of burnout. Here’s how to beat it Take some time to de-stress. (Reuters/Erik de Castro)

If you want to understand just how bad burnout can get, consider the story of Melissa Sinclair, an employee at Time Out New York.

Melissa rose to internet fame in recent weeks after Time Out New York inadvertently posted an employment listing on the job-search site Indeed that detailed her current unmanageable workload. The post explains, “Currently, we have an agreed budget of $2,200 per issue for a freelance Photo Editor, 10 hours work at $22 p/h, which would normally be completely fine, however the issue is that Melissa physically cannot find good enough candidates to fill these freelance positions, and at the current rate of magazine production, she needs multiples people available to work on multiple cities, simultaneously. Because she can’t find people for these freelance positions, she’s been forced to…


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