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Building your resilience and understanding your purpose

Welcome to the era of monster hurricanes

It’s not just this year. The monster Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose and Lee that have raged across the Atlantic are contributing to what appears to be the most active period for major storms on record.

And the busiest part of hurricane season isn’t even over.

An analysis of 167 years of federal storm data by the Associated Press found that no 30-year period in history has seen this many major hurricanes, this many days of those whoppers spinning in the Atlantic, or this much overall energy generated by those powerful storms…


Building your resilience and understanding your purpose

For some, trying to answer life’s biggest question might make you want to crawl back into bed. However, investing the time to consider your purpose in life will set you up for success in the long run.

People who have a clear purpose and direction for their lives, find it much easier to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep moving forward. People with purpose are known to be more resilient. While some people get knocked down and stay right there, resilient people bounce…



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