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How Resilience Led Me to Success


resilience: growing regardless of circumstances Photo: Yellen

At least 10 dead as fires rage in Northern California

Fifteen wildfires raged across Northern California, with the biggest ones scorching the state’s famous wine country, killing at least 10 people, and burning over 1,500 homes and businesses, authorities said.

The fires burned into the night Monday in California’s wine country destinations — Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties — with flames ripping through the lush, picturesque landscape.


Here’s what we know so far, according to California authorities.

  • Ten people have died and the number is expected to grow. Seven deaths were reported in the city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, two in Napa County and one in Mendocino County, according to officials.
  • More than 100 people were being treated at Napa- and Sonoma-area hospitals for fire-related injuries or health issues including burns, smoke inhalation and shortness…




Millennials have high debt, low financial resilience

MALAYSIANS “live for the moment” when it comes to spending, resulting in high debt and low financial resilience that make them vulnerable to financial shocks, said Bank Negara Malaysia deputy governor Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour.

“This observation tends to be true particularly among the millennial generation. Millennials are more passionate about keeping pace with the latest digital lifestyle,” he said at the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) Conference 2017 in Kuala Lumpur today.

Rasheeda cited a study by the Asian Institute of Finance in 2015 which found a majority of young people to be living on high borrowings – 38%  rely on personal loans and 47% are engaged in expensive credit card borrowings.

“Often, they will soon find these debts burdensome and resulting in…


Resilience Matters

Resilience Matters – Mental Health the focus of New Zealand Police Association’s 82nd annual conference

The focus of the New Zealand Police Association’s 82nd annual conference in Wellington this week (Oct 11-13) is the mental health of its 11,000 serving members, under the theme of ‘Resilience Matters’.

“It is timely that our conference coincides with New Zealand’s Mental Health Awareness Week, because efforts to draw attention to proactive initiatives to improve and safeguard mental health are vital for all New Zealanders, including those working in the often stressful environment of policing”, Association President Chris Cahill said.

The three-day conference will feature speakers concentrating on various ways to develop resilience throughout policing, such as recognition that Police employees maintain and nurture their personal lives once they have clocked off duty.

The keynote speaker for the conference is Dr Tom Mulholland, the well-known New Zealand emergency and expedition doctor, TV and radio talk show host, and founder of the Healthy Thinking Institute.

“Dr Tom specialises in teaching tools to control emotions and manage attitudes at work and home, which is a perfect mix given police associations around the world are beginning to take seriously the importance of our…


How Resilience Led Me to Success

Without resilience, we are at the mercy of the universe. We’re left feeling battered by the unexpected, overcome with emotions and incapable of making strong decisions. Yet, adding an ounce or two of fortitude and self-determination to our lifestyle flips the script. Suddenly, we can fail and come back stronger. We can accept life’s uncomfortable lessons and use them as stepping stones. And we can come face to face with setbacks and still smile.

No one loves to hit dead ends, but the resilient among us know how to uncover possibilities…



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