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This company wants to stop floods before they happen


Another Storm Is Headed Right for the US — Here’s How Many People It’s Already Killed Source:

Don’t wait for a natural disaster to reach out to others

Lately, it’s hard to pick up a newspaper. Hurricanes, one after another, have pounded the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas. Mexico has been beset with earthquakes — hundreds have died. It seems like the Earth has been in a state of crisis, taking out its fury on innocent men, women and children.

It’s easy to experience compassion fatigue. As soon as the new hurricane hit, we didn’t hear much about Houston anymore. But trust me: Thousands of people in Texas are still up to their eyebrows in waterlogged furniture, walls and belongings.

So what can we learn from these natural disasters?

Life can take a turn on a dime. One moment we are warm, dry and comfortable. The next minute we are cold, wet and miserable. I think of all of the people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their transportation. Without savings to fall back on, supportive family who live elsewhere, or jobs, families can find themselves in dire circumstances. They can end up homeless, with few prospects.

We take a lot for granted — running water, electricity, plumbing, heating or air conditioning. We don’t think about it much, except when we don’t have it! But many things can happen in an instant — dramatic health changes, job loss, natural disasters, accidents…


This company wants to stop floods before they happen

Harvey, Irma and then Maria. The Atlantic has produced a series of hurricanes this year that brought devastation and flooding.

One startup thinks it has a solution that will reduce damage caused by monster storms.


U.S.-based Opti has developed technology that helps cities predict flooding, and better control where rain water is diverted and stored.

Opti has already attracted over $11 million in funding from impact investors, who want to prevent destruction and help the environment while achieving a financial return…



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