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Monthly Archives: October, 2017

It Doesn’t Matter if Cities Are Climate Change–Proof if No One Can Afford to Live in Them

Instead of Fighting Sea Level Rise, This Town Is Embracing It Superstorm Sandy hit the quiet beach community of Tottenville on Staten Island hard. Two of the more than 14,000 … Continue reading

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Five Years After Sandy, New York’s Hurricane Defenses Are MIA

In New York City, rising seas could cause Sandy-like floods every five years. Superstorm Sandy was 1,000 miles wide, the largest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, and produced the … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2017: what the hell just happened?

Hotel Forum: How to build a resilient business Donoghue (pictured), who is also a mayoral advisor, will explain how a crisis can unfold and what hospitality businesses can do when … Continue reading

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Budget-Friendly Tips To Boost Employee Happiness

Opinion: How employees will thrive in the fourth industrial revolution We have heard some short-term thinkers wax negatively about the fourth industrial revolution causing employee displacement by robots and artificial … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Resilience is Key

Flesh-Eating Bacteria’ Causes 2nd Death in Texas Since Hurricane Harvey A 31-year-old man who helped repair houses in Galveston, Tex., after Hurricane Harvey has died of a rare infection caused … Continue reading

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 ‘Resilience’ to adversity determines if a child survives or thrives when bullied

Teacher burnout can be mitigated by building resilience Elena Aguilar, a coach, author and consultant, defines teacher burnout as physical and emotional exhaustion brought on by unrelenting stress. She writes … Continue reading

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The importance of training employees to bounce back

Perth app builds mental resilience for the workplace A Perth consultancy group has designed an app to help reduce workplace stress. Brendan Collins, of Tonic Digital, has partnered with employee … Continue reading

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How To Help Rebuild Florida’s Reefs Post Hurricane Irma

Pollution linked to 9 million deaths worldwide in 2015, study says The fatal effects of pollution are seen across our planet. In 2015, nearly one in six deaths, an estimated … Continue reading

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This Texas town offers hurricane relief — if your politics are right

How Fire Has Shaped California’s Wine Industry For 10 long days Jeff Morgan did not know the fate of one of his vineyards in Sonoma County. Morgan, the co-owner of … Continue reading

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Supporting the mental health needs of frontline responders

Resilience at heart of hard day’s work There were no girls’ jobs or boys’ jobs on the farm when Bindi Murray was growing up. As one of four sisters, all … Continue reading

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Why Companies Must Shift from Disaster Relief to Disaster Philanthropy

Why Companies Must Shift from Disaster Relief to Disaster Philanthropy The onslaught of major natural disasters in the past month is forcing companies to consider how they can and should … Continue reading

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Trailers could house those displaced by fires in California wine country

Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico’s Neo-Colonial Legacy The view southward from the Asomante hills outside the Puerto Rican town of Aibonito is spectacular, reaching all the way to the Caribbean … Continue reading

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Engineering our way out of disasters – the promise of resilient infrastructure

Engineering our way out of disasters – the promise of resilient infrastructure The last few weeks have been a stark reminder of how natural disasters can undermine precious development progress … Continue reading

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Disaster-hit Nations Must Rebuild Better or Risk Losing Insurance, Experts Say

Integrating disaster risk, resilience into broader systems key to unlocking climate adaptation abilities A systemic disconnect between material natural disaster risk, asset valuation and infrastructure investment demands that disaster risk … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey is a billion-dollar disaster – America’s 10th in 2017

California Authorities Say Wildfires Are Only Getting Worse Three days after catastrophic wildfires first began scorching Northern California’s wine country, authorities say the conditions are likely to deteriorate still further. … Continue reading

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‘Katrina brain’: The invisible long-term toll of megastorms

Actually, This Devastating Hurricane Season Is Exactly the Right Time to Talk About Climate Change I was seventeen when Hurricane Andrew rolled through South Florida, taking down block after block … Continue reading

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Resilience and burnout. Psychologists say there are three kinds of burnout. Here’s how to beat it

These 9 Things Are Draining Your Passion at Work (Here’s How to Counter Them) Remember when you didn’t even have to try to feel inspired at work? Inspiration was everywhere. … Continue reading

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New satellite photos reveal the California wildfire’s shocking damage from space

Resilient reefs and rainforests can weather hurricanes It can take years for towns and cities to recover from major hurricanes. But as humans labor to restore power and water, tropical … Continue reading

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International Day for Disaster Reduction

‘It’s impossible to fight against this water’: Floods, landslides kill 46 in Vietnam Heavy rain in northern and central Vietnam has triggered floods and landslides that have killed 46 people, … Continue reading

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Building your resilience and understanding your purpose

Welcome to the era of monster hurricanes It’s not just this year. The monster Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose and Lee that have raged across the Atlantic are contributing to what … Continue reading

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How Resilience Led Me to Success

At least 10 dead as fires rage in Northern California Fifteen wildfires raged across Northern California, with the biggest ones scorching the state’s famous wine country, killing at least 10 … Continue reading

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Wildlife Rehabilitators: The Hidden Heroes of Hurricane Season

New Orleans is the canary in the coal mine for coastal cities As Hurricane Nate swept over Louisiana’s coast, the flooding that Mother Nature brought to New Orleans with watery, … Continue reading

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The busiest Atlantic hurricane month on record, visualized in one stunning GIF

The busiest Atlantic hurricane month on record, visualized in one stunning GIF September 2017 was the single busiest month of the Atlantic hurricane season on record. To get a sense … Continue reading

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The philosophical case for staying hopeful in dark times

A therapist’s guide to staying productive when you’re depressed or heartbroken “We entrepreneurs can’t afford to date,” I half-joked to a friend the other day. “We can’t take sick days … Continue reading

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This company wants to stop floods before they happen

Don’t wait for a natural disaster to reach out to others Lately, it’s hard to pick up a newspaper. Hurricanes, one after another, have pounded the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Florida … Continue reading

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How solar energy saved a Puerto Rican farm from Hurricane Maria

How solar energy saved a Puerto Rican farm from Hurricane Maria While his competitors wait for diesel to restart generators knocked out by Hurricane Maria, flower grower Hector Santiago is … Continue reading

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US Media Spoke More About Harvey Than Floods Elsewhere – but So Did Media Elsewhere

How disaster resilience has saved lives The deadly storms that battered the US East Coast, the Caribbean and South Asia are the latest and most emphatic evidence of the worldwide … Continue reading

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Is Australia ready for natural disasters?

Mexico earthquakes demonstrate how height and distance dictate damage Two big earthquakes in Mexico last month were a tragic reminder that the country sits atop one of the most seismically … Continue reading

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How To Prepare for The Next Megastorm? Protect Wetlands, Mangroves and Reefs

How To Prepare for The Next Megastorm? Protect Wetlands, Mangroves and Reefs We weren’t ready. Not for Maria, not for Harvey and Irma, not for Katrina before them. Storms keep … Continue reading

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Tsunami carried Japanese animals to US

Hurricane Maria may be U.S. preview of climate-fueled migration Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico may offer a preview for Americans of one of the most jarring potential consequences of … Continue reading

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Richard Branson Survived Irma and is Helping Others Rebuild. Here Are His Words on How to Weather Any Storm.

Richard Branson Survived Irma and is Helping Others Rebuild. Here Are His Words on How to Weather Any Storm. He’s a billionaire. He’s been knighted by the queen. He’s had … Continue reading

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