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What We Can Learn About Resilience from Female Leaders of the UN

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You’re More Resilient Than You Give Yourself Credit For Article source:

Does Mindful Acceptance Reduce Stress, Increase Happiness?

An important component of mindfulness is acceptance of inner experience; in other words, the ability to accept negative emotions and thoughts without judging them.  When you get stressed by difficult life events or daily pressures, you may feel anxiety and depressed mood, or have self-critical or worried thoughts. You also may have secondary reactions that exacerbate the stressful feelings. You may automatically believe the negative predictions or views of self without questioning their accuracy, or you may develop aversion to the negative feelings, wanting desperately to be rid of them. You may judge yourself for having the negative mood or insecure thought – seeing it as a sign of character weakness. All of these secondary reactions make you feel worse. On the other hand, if you can mindfully accept whatever…


What We Can Learn About Resilience from Female Leaders of the UN

It’s difficult enough to stay resilient in the face of high demands and changing circumstances. Imagine adding extreme physical conditions, threats to personal safety, natural disasters, armed conflict, large numbers of traumatized people, minimal infrastructure, and complex, multi-stakeholder relations to your list of challenges. Through my leadership development work with the United Nations (UN), I’ve been privileged to work with professionals who operate in some of the world’s most challenging contexts. Their missions’ success rests on their ability to stay resilient and perform effectively in adverse circumstances.

The following principles of resilience, illustrated with the stories of UN women leaders I’ve worked with recently, will serve you well in any work context, even one that’s not as dire as what these women face on a daily basis.

Purpose. A strong sense of purpose serves as a foundation for resilience by sustaining meaning. Consider Roueida El Hage, who heads….



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