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Is disaster prep only for the privileged?


the hottest September day ever recorded anywhere in Australia

How Earthquakes Determined The Location Of Sacred Sites In Ancient Greece

The Mediterranean Sea is not only cradle for many cultures, but also an area prone to earthquakes. It’s located at the juncture of two large tectonic plates: the European plate and the African plate, as well as some minor plates, including the Adriatic plate. Consequently, various fault systems cross the sea and adjacent land in the region. Many ancient buildings show damage caused by past earthquakes along these faults and some ancient myths, like the terrible Minotaur on the island of Crete, may be rooted in tectonic activity. Research done in the past decades suggests that ancient cultures were well aware of the seismic nature of the land and…


Is disaster prep only for the privileged?

Civil Defence agencies repeatedly tell us to prepare for disaster – but what if we can’t afford to?

A new Massey University study challenges the notion that everyone can afford to buy extra food and water, torches, spare batteries and other emergency survival items.

Its lead researcher, Dr Denise Blake, of Massey’s Joint Centre for Disaster Research, questions assumptions behind government documents and emergency preparedness websites that she says frequently ignore preparedness needs of vulnerable groups.

While there was concern at increasing numbers of Kiwi families affected by poverty and inequality, too little regard was given to how those same people should prepare…



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