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Why mental resilience is a muscle that can be developed

Building in Bad Places: More People at Risk of Natural Disasters than Ever Before

More people are at risk of natural disasters than ever before — and much of it is our own fault for continuing to build where nature says not to.

Atlas of the Human Planet outlines human exposure worldwide to six major natural hazards: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tropic cyclone winds, tropical cyclone storm surge, and floods. Because cities in disaster-prone areas keep growing, global exposure to major catastrophes doubled between 1975 and 2015. The findings will be used to identify effective…


Why mental resilience is a muscle that can be developed

Mental resilience is a muscle that can be developed regularly, and by the so-called average man and woman on the street.

Studies say that inner toughness, determination, and persistence are not unique to the handful of high achievers who have used them to reach stellar levels of success in the world. It is available to anyone who wants to make a habit out of it to achieve their own objectives. What set apart the winners apart is that they learned to shape this behavior, keep at it relentlessly, and train themselves to determined and mentally strong.

Mental toughness is vital to success because it means working towards one’s goal steadfastly despite very difficult challenges and circumstances. It means having extreme confidence in one’s self and their purpose…

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