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New Research on Millennials by meQuilibrium Reveals They Have 3X More Stress about Success Than Baby Boomers but Bring More Empathy to the Workplace

“With millennials making up more and more of today’s workforce, employers need to identify ways to help them become more resilient to stressors and engaged in the work their work,” said Jan Bruce, co-founder and CEO of meQuilibrium. “Resilience training has proven effective at helping millennials, and other generations, experience improved workplace engagement with increased productivity, decreased absence and turnover.”…


Building Resilience after Loss

When Susan’s husband David died, she was devastated. So her brother was surprised to hear Susan sound upbeat just a few weeks later, exclaiming how proud she was to have dealt with a major car repair, a task that David would always have done. How, her brother wondered, could Susan seem so optimistic after such a devastating loss?

Recent research about grievers who are termed “resilient grievers” adds to our vast knowledge of grief and grieving. After a loss, resilient grievers show little disruption in their ability to function. Their experience with loss differs substantially from the experience of many bereaved people, who often find themselves incapacitated, temporarily or longer, following a loved one’s death. But studying resilient grievers can be helpful in several ways. First, the research reinforces what we already know: that the journey with grief is highly individual. Second, we can learn…


6 reasons why organizations need to boost their cyber-resilience


Despite skyrocketing cyber-security spending, 81% of CISOs still worry that data breaches remain unaddressed.

Along with the expansion of the digital universe, cyber-security investments have been climbing, reaching $86.4 billion in 2017, according to market research from Gartner. Although expenditures have constantly risen in the past decade and are poised to surpass $100 billion by 2020, the overwhelming majority of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are concerned about keeping up with the rising threats as their organizations roll out digital strategies.

According to ServiceNow’s Global CISO Study, a mere 19 percent of some 300 CISOs across a variety of industries felt their organizations were highly effective at preventing a security incident. Eight out of ten CISOs are highly concerned that breaches are going unaddressed. Even worse, another…



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