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Two Hurricanes in Two Weeks Bring Two Very Different Reactions

Irma path

Two Hurricanes in Two Weeks Bring Two Very Different Reactions

In the psychology of evacuations, what Hurricane Katrina was to Rita in 2005, so Harvey has been to Irma today.

Weeks after Katrina devastated New Orleans in August 2005, Hurricane Rita advanced toward the Texas Gulf Coast that September, alarming officials and residents who had just watched Katrina’s destruction and causing a mass evacuation in the Houston region that led to one of the deadliest traffic jams in Texas history.

As Irma headed toward South Florida on Friday, a similar exodus was unfolding in parts of the Miami region, inspired at least in part by Harvey’s devastation nearly two weeks ago, but far smoother than the chaos that occurred on Texas highways in 2005…


Most hurricanes that hit the US come from the same exact spot in the world

As Hurricane Irma bears down on the East coast, Floridians may be wondering where all the hurricanes come from, and why they all follow a similar course. In fact, Irma, Harvey, and Jose were all born on the other side of the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa, and the Sahara desert may be to blame…


Irma has broken a mind-boggling number of records

Colorado State University meteorologist Philip Klotzbach is a weather savant. In the midst of a storm that’s put many experts at a loss for words, Klotzbach compiled a short document that serves as a testament to Hurricane Irma’s improbable existence.

Here are some of the more notable records Irma has already set, as of Friday afternoon:…

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