Resilience After Devastating Loss

Hurricane Harvey

Fiji Red Cross builds storage facilities nationwide

THE Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) with the support of the Australian government has constructed branch offices and storage facilities stocked with humanitarian supplies in 15 sites around Fiji.

This is in its efforts to build resilient communities, which had now reached the maritime island locations of Koro, Kadavu, Rabi, Rotuma, Lakeba and Vanuabalavu.

Australian High Commissioner to Fiji Margaret Twomey today joined the FRCS in Lautoka to launch one of the newly-constructed storage facilities stocked with 100 emergency shelter kits, 150 family packs, 200 blankets, 200 water collapsible containers and 100 shelter kits.

These supplies contain essential items for the first 24 to 48 hours following a disaster, including clothes, first aid, bed sheets, towels, matches, handsaws, shovels, hoes, shears and ropes – aimed to assist communities…


Harvey Reminds Congress Resilient Infrastructure Matters: Advocates

Advocates for resilient infrastructure are calling on Congress and government leaders to require that federal recovery monies for Hurricane Harvey damage go to reconstruction projects that can withstand future extreme weather.

Experts in the intersection between climate change and infrastructure want congressional leaders to invest wisely to prevent tax dollars from rebuilding a house only to see it flooded with the next major storm and rebuilt once more.

“Congress has to take this issue seriously if they want to ensure that we constantly do not rebuild the same properties over and over again because we failed to factor in future flooding and resilience…


Resilience After Devastating Loss: God at Work

Humans are particularly resilient. We’ve made it through war, massive plagues, and natural disasters. Scientists and unbelievers would like to attribute this resilience to our innate and selfish instinct to survive.

Mankind certainly does have a strong survival instinct. But attributing resilience to simple instinct ignores the countless stories of heroes who help the forsaken. It doesn’t explain a man putting his life in harm’s way to save a complete stranger, or a group of people looking out for one another until rescue arrives.

Faith in God has no place for those who believe only in science. Faith and love instilled by God in our very beings, however…


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