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How Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Long-Term Devastation


Photo: A power generator tips in front of Texas’ CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi. (AP: Courtney Sacco Source:

How Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Long-Term Devastation

Beyond the 130 Category 4 mile-an-hour winds, the devastating eye wall, and the the storm surge hundreds of miles wide, the most destructive part of Hurricane Harvey as it bears down on the Texan Gulf Coast might be the rain.

The storm is projected to basically sit over the region as it runs it course, in the process pouring biblical amounts of rain—30 inches or more—on Texan coastal areas from Corpus Christi to Houston. Even outside the area of truly catastrophic rainfall predictions—which were so high that some weather maps had to add brand new colors to their legends—places like the lower half of Louisiana seem likely to receive a foot or more of rain…


Facing disasters: lessons from a Bangladeshi island

Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson works for UNU-EHS and is a PhD candidate at the University of Sussex. The Gibika project, a research to action collaboration between Munich Re Foundation, United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security and International Centre for Climate Change and Development, receives funding from Munich Re Foundation.

The death toll of Bangladesh’s brutal monsoon season keeps growing. Authorities estimate that flooding has killed at least 120 people and affected some 5 million others since mid-July.

Disasters are a common phenomenon in Bangladesh, where about 220 reported events have occurred since 1980. The fertile country is situated on the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta and irrigated by the Meghna river, which enables it to sustain a dense population but also exposes it to floods, cyclones and other hazards.

These days, climate change is making such events both more frequent and more intense for Bangladeshis. Loss of life and property during the monsoon is a near-daily occurrence in most parts of the country…



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