Climate resilience – Future proofing your business

New Orleans under water: 12 years after Katrina, officials can’t get it right

new orleans 10 years after
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It is true: New Orleans lives and dies by its water. We eat from the Gulf, lake and wetlands and we breathe deeply of a sweltering, airborne humidity. We get our drinking water from the muddy Mississippi river, which carries the effluvia of half the country. Thousands upon thousands of rainy years have amplified the continuing decay in wetlands surrounding the city, creating vast pockets of valuable petroleum and natural gas which generate a major portion of our economy. The same rainfall and river provide continual growth in one of the lushest plant environments in America…


Climate resilience – Future proofing your business

“Global growth will be hindered by rising operational costs as global temperatures rise.” This was the conclusion that the Schroders Economics Team arrived at having examined how climate change will shape the global economy.1 Climate change has environmental, social, political, and economic repercussions that directly impact business operations, competitiveness and profits.

Building climate resilience can help businesses avoid what Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, described as “the tragedy of the horizon”.2 That tragedy, far from being on the horizon, has already impacted heavily on many businesses in Asia. For instance, the 2011 flooding in Thailand hit the manufacturing industry hard. Tourism, housing and the financial sector were also heavily affected. Overall, approximately 90 per cent of the damage and losses were borne by the private sector….





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