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Europe’s taste of a hotter planet

50 Young ASEAN Volunteers Gather in Indonesia for Disaster Resilience Program

Fifty young volunteers from 10 ASEAN countries have gathered for four weeks in Bandung, Indonesia, to participate in the annual ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program (AYVP) supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). For the month of August, participants will learn about natural disasters, how to mitigate risks, and build resilience. Participants will also work directly with communities on risk mitigation activities, including an earthquake preparedness drill.

“AYVP brings together emerging leaders from across the region to build a sense of community through knowledge sharing among ASEAN youth and to cultivate knowledge of disaster risk mitigation,” said Nils Bergeson, USAID ASEAN Affairs Officer. “If a disaster strikes, the ASEAN community, including young people, will respond.”

Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, Rector of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Imran Ho Abdullah, Vice Rector of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia…


Europe’s taste of a hotter planet


Scientists have been able to pin down the connection between specific individual extreme weather events and climate change with increasing accuracy over the past years. But with 2017 expected to rank among the hottest years ever recorded, it’s hardly surprising Europe’s feeling the burn.

And things are only likely to get worse. A study published this week in The Lancet Planetary Health journal found that weather-related disasters could affect around two-thirds of the European population each year by the year 2100, with weather-related deaths increasing fiftyfold…


Monsoon disasters claim dozens of lives in India, Nepal

Flash floods and landslides in northern India and Nepal have already claimed more lives than last year’s monsoon season. In India, two packed tourist buses were swept away into a ravine by a sudden mudslide…



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