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When Resilience is Needed – Confidence and Assertiveness

When Resilience is Needed – Confidence and Assertiveness


People can use their influence to intimidate someone or to force them to do something against their will or against their better judgement.  Bullying can take on many forms, which can involve provocation, intrusive behaviour, name calling, arguments and rudeness. It can also be much more subtle – excluding and ignoring people and their contribution, unacceptable criticisms and overloading people with work.  These behaviours can occur in the real world and online.  Standing up for yourself requires confidence and assertiveness…


Insurers support rethink on Australian disaster spend

Australian insurance bodies have supported a Senate committee report that called on the federal government to reconsider increasing its spending natural disaster mitigation.

The Senate Standing Committee on Economics released a report on 10 August recommending that the Australian government reconsider its decision not to lift federal funding for disaster mitigation and resilience to A$200mn ($157.43mn) a year.

The recommendation followed the news that insured losses for Cyclone Debbie had passed A$1.4bn and exceeded 66,000 claims…

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