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How to Build Resilient Work Teams

8 Tips For Turning Painful Personal Lessons into Professional Success


8 Tips For Turning Painful Personal Lessons into Professional Success

It’s easy to think of our lives as being separated into compartments. We might act like totally different people depending on whether we are at work, with our families, or with our friends.

Different scenarios do call for different behavior. But it is a mistake to think that how we act in one setting has no impact on who we are in another.

We can easily bring our work stress home. And if we go through a deeply painful or meaningful personal situation, that experience can dramatically impact other areas, including our professional lives.

This is exactly what happened to Michael Nova, whose music career led to the founding of multiple businesses including his primary…


How to Build Resilient Work Teams

There has been a lot of talk recently about the value of resilience, an attribute that Angela Lee Duckworth described as “grit” in a well-known TED Talk. Duckworth believes that people who demonstrate resilience can handle any changes that come their way. In business, work teams that are resilient, or “gritty,” can roll with changes, such as a competitor launching a market-changing product or a new regulatory mandate, that might otherwise impede or even prevent future success…


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