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Over 3,000 New Yorkers Could Die From Summer Heat Each Year by 2080

Over 3,000 New Yorkers Could Die From Summer Heat Each Year by 2080


Does it feel like the heat is killing you this summer? Next year, that might be more than just a figure of speech. Two major new studies have documented how a warming world is creating a toxic new normal of heat-related death and disease in our daily lives.

The Columbia University Earth Institute has analyzed patterns of deaths caused by climate change in the urban environment and calculates that the average New Yorker’s grandchildren will be 50 times more likely to die of a heat-related illness than they are. The study finds that, under the business-as-usual climate-change scenario, “as many as 3,331 people a year could be dying from the heat during New York City summers by 2080,” spiking from an estimated annual average of 638 heat-related deaths in the region from 2000…


Group develops drone emergency response protocol

A group consisting of licensed drone pilots from the region and the University of Missouri — Kansas City faculty planned and developed a drone-assisted emergency response system that could be useful in a variety of disaster situations….


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