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Disasters can harm older adults long after storms have passed

Minister calls for reforestation to step up climate resilience

Senator Mushahidullah Khan, Federal Minister for Climate Change, on Tuesday said that all-out efforts are being made to boost Pakistan’s climate resilience by re-vitalising forestry sector.

“If our forests continue to be chopped down at the current pace, we will never be able to protect the country from the devastating effects of global warming-induced climate change,” Khan told a national consultative meeting on the World Bank-sponsored programme “REED+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) at a local hotel.

“Forests are the best way to increase climate resilience against the adverse effects of the climate change impacts.”

The minister informed the meeting the international studies have shown that deforestation and land…


Disasters can harm older adults long after storms have passed


My phone rang around midnight: A major hurricane was predicted to hit a nearby coastal town, which was under a mandatory evacuation order. Many of the staff at a large hospital there had already evacuated, and an unknown number of patients from nursing homes and assisted living centers were being transported to the hospital. The remaining staff were desperate for help from experienced nurses. Was I available to assist immediately?

An hour later I was in a highway patrol car, driving with full lights and sirens for the four-hour ride to the hospital, along with other nurse volunteers. We arrived in a ghost town, but the hospital was bustling. Patients with special medical needs were lying on makeshift pallets. There were no charts, no medications, no orders…


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