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‘Resilience-in-action’ is key to team success

Europe Swelters Under a Heat Wave Called ‘Lucifer’

The meteorologists agree: The long hot spell gripping parts of Europe this past week is uncommon.

People looking for relief from the heat in countries like France, Spain and Italy grappled for just the right name for the phenomenon — and settled on “Lucifer.”

The waves of heat sent temperatures soaring to record highs for several days, caused at least two deaths, kindled wildfires and drove tempers through the roof.

In France, people congregated around fountains to bask in the meager sprays, or simply to dive in…


‘Resilience-in-action’ is key to team success, whether in backwoods or business


The backwoods and business offices seem worlds apart. But a sport in which competing teams navigate wilderness courses using hiking boots, mountain bikes, and boats has provided a Johns Hopkins University researcher with a context for studying how organizations handle adversity.

Whether in the wild or in a corporate tower, teams that practice “resilience-in-action”—not just bearing the shocks of extreme situations, but also finding ways to persevere and even improve—are poised to emerge as winners, says Kathleen Sutcliffe, a Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Distinguished Professor who specializes in organization theory and holds appointments at the university’s Carey Business School and School of Medicine…

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